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When writing my posts I do like to catergrize them. But this time I was flicking through on Stumbleupon and have decided to make a list of the most amazing things that I have stumbled across (excuse the pun) today.

So starting with these absolutly amazing pictures.

There are so many many more as well so I do pleed you to have a look. They are so mind blowing.

Next up I found this pretty awesome video. Even If you do not like photography you till have check it out.

Dont really have to say anythng on this dress. It is 1957 Chanel and Silk!!! Need I say more just stare at it.

This here is so so cute. I had to send it to all my friends. Bring out your inner nerd.

Hope you have enjoyed looking through all of these. If you want to check out my Pearltrees and Pinterest pages. There is many many more things that I like.

Bye for now


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