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I had this crazy idea last night that today I should have a smoothie day. I don’t normally categorize my days but this was going to be an exception.
To be honest it was not really a smoothie day as only got round to making one smoothie. But hey! It is a very yummy single smoothie. !!

Here is the list of important ingredents:

–          Handful of Boysenberries

–          Handful of Raspberries

–          ½ cup Greek Yoghurt

–          ½ cup Organic Milk (You can use whatever  milk you like)

–          Splash of Vanilla Essence

–          A very healthy sprinkling of Milo Powder

And you guessed it. Blend it like crazy and pour into a tall glass. I like to finish it off with a drizzle of berry sauce and a sprinkling of Milo on the top.




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