Fit for a Princess

Posted on: January 14, 2012

Every girl I am sure wanted once to be a princess. The palace, prince charming and well… the dress. That huge eye-catching glimmering in the light dress. The one that makes you the prettiest in the room.The belle of the ball. For me, this dress would come very close.

This is an evening dress designed in 1952-53 by the one and only Christian Dior!! Wow oh wow. If that does not say princess, I would no idea what does.

But not everyone is the same, so if that does not tickle your fancy. What about this one. Designed by Edward Molyneux for his fall/winter collection of 1939-40.

Stunning !!!!
I am in love. But of course these dress may be a little hard to come across as they are in the exhibits in the Metropolitan Museum but as my mother always says… Dreams are free. ♥

Happy Dreaming


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