Fail !!

Posted on: January 9, 2012

Today I thought that it would be fun to jump into the kitchen and do some baking. Now I am happy to admit that it is not my forte, but i thought… coconut ice – that cant be hard. Wow could I have been more mistaken.

This is the result…
Think that I may need some help

So if any body has a full proof recipe for Coconut Ice, it would be very welcome. I am willing to try out all your recipes and blog about all my results.



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Well everyone. This is my toasting marshmellows blog. Keeping you up to date with everything that goes on in my head. The good and well the no so good. Im a cell phone and laptop addict. Love to read the odd magazine. Love fashion, and i am a LIBRA!!! Lover of coffee and all things pretty.

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