This Is For You Girls

Posted on: December 3, 2011

So Christmas shopping time again.  And if buying presents where not hard enough, buying a present for your boyfriend is by sure the hardest. To help you out, i have done my research and have made a list of the few things to buy your guy. Cheap and a little bit over the cheap price.

'Dawson' Crew Tee

I found this top in Jeans West.

1) Now to be honest you can not go wrong with a simple T-Shirt. And with you choosing it, your guy is sure to look hot.
You can get them from your any local mens shop. Like Hallensteins, Jeans West,Just Jeans and well anywhere else you can think of. If your good at bargain hunting, in which I am sure you are, you can pick up some hot tees for a hot as price.

2)If your guy is a sporty guy, then why not get him tickets to the next game of his favourite sport that comes to your town. I think that this a really nice thing to do. It’s quite personal. Also instead of getting only the one ticket you could get him a season pass. I am very sure he would love that.

3) If your guy is a rocker, I am sure you would not go wrong with a CD of his favourite band, or and music DVD. They really seem to go down a treat

4) This may sound a bit odd, but I made my guys friends the simplest bead bracelet. With plain black or blue beads. So I am thinking that if you are looking for a small thing to add to a present, then that’s a good idea. It is cute as well. I have found that guys do like homemade things. I guess it means they will always be wearing something that will remind them of you. ♥

5) And finally, If you still can not decide. Take them out for dinner. It is a oldy but a cutie.  Or even cook for them. I have reason to believe that guys would LOVE this.


But I do have to leave you with this. I know that you have heard it a thousand times already. But Christmas is not all about the gifts. Tell him that you love him and he will be happy. ♥

Happy Shopping. ☺


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